Friday, 26 April 2013

River, Tube, New Camera, Special Effects

Water Colour effect

 Illustration effect

 Illustration effect

Sunday, 14 April 2013

They're shooting Sherlock! (Benedict Cumberbatch in Smithfield)

Due to various aches and pains, we cycled through London today rather than the normal run - from Smithfield, Regents Canal to Paddington and back through the Royal Parks and the Embankment.
On trying to cycle into Smithfield, we were stopped by Security who said they were shooting Sherlock - well let us through immediately, so that we can save him ...

Mark somehow found himself next to Benedict Cumberbatch when we were let through and discussed where we had cycled and where Benedict had been recently while taking a break from filming. We were intrigued by the body double waiting patiently for filming to recommence. Is this the key to how Sherlock survived the fall at the end of the last episode ?

Benedict in the shades - his body double without ...

to be continued ...