Sunday, 17 April 2011

Foundation Fine Art Final Show

These are my pieces in the final show - all made from cannibalising work I have made over the last 18 months on the course

This is the picture prison structure - my painting is the blue one ...

And four 3d collages or maquettes ...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Back to nature

Running again this morning around Scadbury nature reserve in Chislehurst - started with seeing a runner dressed in army fatigues - we deemed him to be a poser, wondered why people had to dress up like that and carried on.

Passed him twice running the other way, this time he had a full pack on,seemed very friendly and we started to wonder whether we had been a tad hasty in our initial view.

By the end of the two circuits of what is a rather hilly and exhausting run we met him at the end - turns out he was near to being a fully qualified paratrooper and would soon be off on active duty - his pack weighed two and a half stone and whilst we weakly argued that what was what we were carrying around our waist lines, you couldn't help being impressed.

So to Paratrooper Collins, we express our sincere apologies for doubting you in the first place and wish you and your wife well on your new baby and on the challenges you face ahead !