Sunday, 27 June 2010

Plane sailing

Brilliant new art piece by Fiona Banner just opened at Tate Britain. Titled Harrier and Jaguar, it has an old Sea Harrier jump jet hanging from the ceiling ...

and a sparkling Jaguar ground attack aircraft, laying upside down on the floor...

The Jaguar was also useful for a bit of vain self portraiture ...

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's Day Special

We had a really eventfull Father's Day run today - started off by enjoying the Olympic Airways' promotional beach on the Southbank,

What was this French tourist doing at the Changing of the Guard ceremony ?

The ceremony seemed to be attracting more than its fair share of weirdos ...

Then we spied on a very exciting Spooks filming session in Covent Garden ...

We are always hoping to be asked to join as extras ...
We ended the run on an appropriate note ...

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Straw bales

On a run this week, I passed Barnes Bridge (above) and then Hammersmith Bridge just as scaffolding was being dismantled - the workmen were also taking down the three bales of straw that had been hanging underneath the bridge whilst repairs were taking place. The man in charge told me that Thames byelaw 29, dating from the 1700's, requires that a bale of straw be hung from any bridge reduced in headroom as a result of repairs. Straw is used so that there will be no damage to any boat or person hitting the bale.

River Byelaws 1978 (as amended) - Part 5

(1) When the arch or span of a bridge is closed to navigation the person in control of the bridge shall suspend from the centre of that arch or span -
(a) by day, three red discs 0.6 metres in diameter at the points of an equilateral triangle with the apex downwards and the base horizontal;
(b) by night, three red lights in similar positions to the discs displayed by day.

(2) When the headroom of an arch or span of a bridge is reduced from its usual limits but that arch or span is not closed to navigation, the person in control of the bridge shall suspend from the centre of that arch or span by day a bundle of straw large enough to be conspicious and by night a white light.

It also seems that this warning dates back to Roman times. Makes you wonder what the Romans ever did for us ...

Below is the bale destined for the Blackfriars Bridge renovation project.

I also found another great river image when researching straw bales on the Port of London site - three Port of London policemen engage in their annual life saving practice at West India Dock in 1930. Can't believe they stayed afloat or saved anyone with all of that gear on.

Its the second image under the people category -

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ich bin ein typewriter

I have been trying to buy a certain type of typewriter for some time now - it is one of the thinnest made and featured in the brilliant film, 'The Lives of Others'. This is about the East German secret police, the Stasi, and how it kept records on all East German citizens.

Anyway, I had a real result on German E-Bay and now own a very beautiful Groma Kolibri (Hummingbird in english).

I particularly like the three extra keys to enable the use of umlauts.

Thought I would try them out with a description of the end of our sunday morning run
Breakfast for Champions.